The Right Bar For The Right Time


Everyone has their favorite bar and that bar will always be on the list. But your favorite bar might not always be the right bar for the right occasion. For example, the bar perfect for boys night out might not be the best bar to take that first date, or the place to watch your team in the playoffs.

If you’re looking to maximize your bar prowess, and become the king of bars, you’ll need some tips on finding the right bar for the right time. Here is your cheat sheet for picking the best bar for boys’ night out.

Boys’ Night Out

Boys’ night out can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For most people it’s the rare night when you get the whole gang together. As you know, this is not an easy task. Often it seems like the moon and stars all have to align just right to get everyone together and, when it does, you want to be sure you squeeze it for all its worth.

First, decide what kind of night you want it to be. That’s your first bar. After the first couple of rounds, things will inevitably start to veer from the night you envisioned. Pitch that perfect second option when people get antsy, and they will. Then have a plan for that “last call” bar. You know the bar that everyone says in the beginning they’re not gonna stay for, then by the end of the night they’re insulting you for not wanting to go even though it was your idea in the first place. Yeah, that bar. Here are some good suggestions on how to pick the best bar.

Stage 1: The Meeting

At this stage you have some options. Be sure to choose a place that is really easy for everyone to get to, you don’t want any excuses. A good first bar should have a good view, and nice ambiance. This might be the part of the night you will remember the most and you and your crew are at there best behavior. This is the time to pick a spot with some class. You know, the same bar for an important business meeting, that kind of place.

If you have some beer connoisseurs, an awesome local micro-brewery can be the perfect way to ease into the night. Most micro-breweries also serve food and this is a big plus for the first bar. You’ll need to get some food in your system if your going to make it through the night, make it through without unwanted drama that is.

If your crew is not into the beer scene, a good waterside restaurant bar, wine tasting room, or trendy bars that specialize in fancy experimental drinks can be perfect to get things started. The ambiance will be nice, the view will be perfect and the scene will be mellow but fun.

This can also be a good way for any of the singles to warm up their game. Wine rooms are considered some of the best bars to meet single women. Most have parking so that’s easy, and you won’t need to stand in a line or make a reservation. Just what you need for round one. Also they will serve food too, and that is a must.

Stage 2: The Next Place

You can hear’m now right, “lets get out of here!” As everyone starts to warm up and the good times get rolling they will get antsy and most will want a change in scenery. It’s crucial that you have round two planned out and ready to be deployed.

This will be the time that a couple of the guys try to defect and sneak away, or start to feel guilty and start making plans to go home. If everyone is arguing or no one can decide on the next place, the group will fracture fast. So be ready.

Time to ditch the upscale refinery and find a place to spread the wings. The second bar should be a fun bar with lots of singles. Bars that have live music and dancing will always draw a strong crowd. This is a good time to check out that trendy new night club everyone has been talking about. If your crew isn’t into the whole club scene, check out the local speakeasy.

There has been a new trend in speakeasy like bars, some even require a password to get in. If you do a little research before you go you can end up looking really cool. Imagine taking your friends to a underground speakeasy, whispering a password, and spending the night jamming to a local jazz band, while sipping 20 year old whisky poured by a guy who looks like he just stepped out of the 1920’s.

Stage 3: The TKO

By the end of the night, there’s a good chance everyone will be feeling pretty good. Everyone will know the right thing to do is call a cab a get home, but that won’t happen. Some will get away but others will not be ready to let the night end. You know this will be good because the one person who never stays out is sure to be the one that surprises you. This is the time for the last call bar.

The best last call bars have to have a couple of things going on. First, they have to continue to serve until they legally can’t, which is typically 2 AM. Some bars have early last calls, you don’t want to show up and see the bartenders wiping down the bar. The best last call bars can’t have a line. You will not want to wait 20 minutes in line just to fight your way through the crowd to get one drink before they close, then pound it while the bouncer yells at you.

Last but not least, the best end of the night bar has to be a little edgy. There’s a good chance you guys will be in rare form by this time. A good end of the night bar will be tolerant and maybe even a little enabling. Just remember to tip well, you may be back, and having a friend behind the bar when things are dicey is always a good thing.