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Where can car buffs, car clubs and industry insiders go to interact with other automotive fans? Where can you show off your custom, rebuilt 1967 Mustang GT you’ve been antsy to unleash? Can you say: Social Media? Admit it, a social media site like Facebook has been quintessential in helping thousands locate their long lost cousin, or reconnect with their high school sweetheart and that’s a good thing, if that’s your purpose. But what about the guy who just wants to find other Mustang enthusiasts, or the jalopy driver looking for recommendations on where to purchase her next car? Then there’s the girl who dreams of starting her own Car Girl Club.

More than ever, niche social platforms have become the top trend in 2015 and not surprisingly, numerous experts are predicting that niche social networks will be hotter than the vast networks that cater to a multitude of interest groups. With a niche social media site, you’ll be meeting other people with the same interests you have – and that’s just the idea behind

Social media features

At Car Lister, you can set up a profile page, similar to what you’d do on Facebook. You make connections with other car enthusiasts, share news and photos on your wall, comment on posts in your feed, create photo albums and more. Create a group for your DIY restoration project to exchange ideas with others, swap techniques with gear heads, and join car clubs to keep up with their events.

The car lover who wants to add to his collection also has an advantage with a social marketplace like Car Lister. It combines social media for vehicle lovers with e-commerce, where you can buy and sell your cars and trucks online, quickly and easily. For free. In other words, Car Lister is the first social e-commerce car buying and selling platform, available on any current internet-enabled device. In fact, Car Lister is the first step into the next generation for car sales in the mobile world.

To list a car for sale, you simply:

• Type in or take photos of your VIN
• Answer a few simple questions about your vehicle
• Take some photos and link to a YouTube video

That’s all! You don’t have to type a thing – Car Lister will automatically generate a professional description of your vehicle and even include a free accident report.

For the automotive industry influencer who wants to build a following and reach a more targeted audience, the Car Lister social platform can provide that too. Like Twitter, Car Lister suggests that everyone who joins follows specific car celebrity personalities, car clubs, and other automotive industry influencers on the network. YouTube car reviewers, journalists, car bloggers, and automotive-related businesses will want to hop on board the Car Lister’s social platform sooner than later to start getting more followers.

Check out this influencer page to get a better idea of how being a top industry influencer on Car Lister social can get your name out to the right people.

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