Driving Tips from the Pros

2 2014 Lexus IS

Everyone is a beginner at some point in their life, we all have to start from scratch in so many of the things which later come naturally to us. Perhaps the biggest and most important example comes with driving.

It’s entirely natural to feel nervous when you’re a learner and even when you first take to the roads by yourself. Even instructors were beginners once and they probably all had their own nervous starts to their driving career.
Consider these top tips from the pros to help you become a confident road user…

There’s no shame in failing

Many candidates do not pass at the first try, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s always something good you can take away from the experience: you’ll know what to expect next time, and you’ll know which aspects of driving you can practice more on. Your examiner will debrief you at the end of the test and help you understand where you can improve. Some of the best pros failed first time – it’s not a bad thing if you learn and improve.

Good braking technique

An effective braking technique taught by the pros is called three-stage braking. The first thing to do is to gently but quickly take the free-play out of the pedal, then feed in pressure progressively. At the last stage, ease off pressure just before stopping. This technique results in gradual braking putting you in smooth and comfortable control of your vehicle.

Careful overtaking

In some cases, you’ll have no choice but to overtake a slower vehicle in front of you. According to the pros, the best and safest time to overtake is to start further back rather than when you’re immediately behind the other vehicle. This gives you more time and space to build up speed, and also gives you the ability to abort overtaking if necessary.

Focus on hazard perception

Being able to sharpen your senses to recognise potential dangers on the road and respond to them quickly is crucial in preventing accidents. Online simulators let you practice your hazard perception skills – ideal if you’re flustered by hectic city centres. You can also help by mapping our your journey properly and knowing the junctions you’ll need to navigate in advance.

Always obey the speed limits

Obeying the speed limits keeps everyone safe. Don’t think of them as driving restrictions but rather as instructions that will guide you in driving on different kinds of roads – giving you ample time for decision-making. Speeding drivers can panic and make wrong choices. You will also need to reduce your speed depending on the weather, traffic, and road conditions.


Talk to other drivers – especially parents and others who may be more experienced behind the wheel. Find out how they handle situations on the road and put their advice to good use. Passing your test can be tough, so can going out on the road alone. Take in as many tips as you can to become a confident driver.

Revisit theory

It’s only natural to forget some of the information you learn when preparing for your driving test. One thing to remember is that the resources for your theory test are freely available online. It’s quick and easy to brush up on any signs or markings that you come across on the road and are unsure about. Taking the test isn’t the end of the learning process and these days it’s easier than ever to refresh your knowledge.