Suffering Seahawks and super creepy sharks: the Super Bowl in sum

It’s one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year, and this year, Super Bowl 49 did not fail to impress.

After rising through the ranks in 2014 and managing to be crowned Super Bowl champions last year, the Seattle Seahawks looked set to take the coveted title once again this year, particularly thanks to their dependable Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson.

However, it seems that this year the Seahawks were no match for Tom Brady, who, despite rumors of retirement, managed to carry the New England Patriots to their 28-24 victory.

After starting out losing to the Patriots, things were looking up for the Seahawks when they were one yard out from a touchdown. Just four points behind the Patriots, the dependable running back Marshawn Lynch had the simple task of running with the ball to score their much needed touchdown.

However, in what has now been dubbed the “worst play call in Super Bowl history,” the Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll went with the decision to throw the ball, effectively costing the Seahawks the touchdown and their second consecutive Super Bowl title ever. Fans called it an “unnecessary risk” and, despite thousands of viewers betting on the Seahawks, the favorites could not deliver.

But one spectacular error from the former champions was not the only moment in the Super Bowl that got fans talking. Another social media frenzy came in the form of Katy Perry’s halftime show, which was ridiculous from the word go.

Emerging on a huge hydraulic tiger, Katy belted out her number one hit Roar to an army of adoring fans, before proceeding to rock out with Lenny Kravitz, who, despite the media hype, had a very short moment in the spotlight.

His spotlight, it seemed, was to be taken by none other than ‘special guest’ Missy Elliot, who had time to perform her own mini half time show with three of her hits. This was nothing in comparison to Katy’s medley of Teenage Dream and California Gurls however; featuring dancing sharks, palm trees and beach balls, the whole performance looked like something out of a Willy Wonka-themed trip.

The performance delighted so many fans with its sheer craziness that the hashtag #leftshark began to trend on Twitter, in reference to Katy’s poorly-rehearsed dancer on her left.

It was a sweet moment for an otherwise bitter defeat for the Seahawks, but Super Bowl 49 certainly guaranteed many memorable moments – whether heartbreaking or hilarious.


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