How to Lure a Cougar

woman having upscale lunch

To lure a cougar you first need to understand how a cougar hunts!

A cougar will first stalk its prey, seeking the perfect moment to move in for the kill. Although cougars have a specific type of prey it is also important to remember they are often opportunistic in their selection.

Phase 1

Place yourself within the hunting ground of the cougar, select territory where the cougar feels at ease and can move around freely.

Trendy lounge bars with a mixed age range make great locations; the cougar can prowl freely amongst the socialites, whilst still blending in to an age appropriate environment.

Phase 2

As the cougar stalks her territory you must exhibit the characteristics that identify you as potential prey.

Youth; let her witness your playful, carefree attitude and behaviour.

Physique; she is looking for prey in its prime, ensure you´re at the peak of your physical condition and allow your clothes to demonstrate this.

Confidence; allow her to watch your youthful charm and charisma at work.

Innocence; whilst at the same time as appearing charming and charismatic, do not be afraid to exhibit pinches of innocence and naivety.

Phase 3

Once you have safely secured the attentions of your cougar it is time to move to a location where you appear vulnerable.

Break away from the social circle that has worked so well as a background for you to show off your skills.

Now move to a location where she is free to move in for the kill.

Place yourself casually at the bar, as if waiting to be served or for another acquaintance to arrive.

Phase 4

As your cougar moves in for the kill it is important to express a little resistance.
Whilst still displaying the qualities highlighted above, become a little more guarded, disinterested, allow her to work for her kill.

Use a range of body language to switch between uninterested and attainable.

Phase 5

When your cougar finally reaches the point of uncontrollable desire it’s time to finally let your guard down and expose your jugular.

Relax and enjoy as she devours you!