Get The Custom Car You Always Dreamt About


When it comes to custom-car enthusiasts and their rides, we’re talking about deep, loving connections. Spiritual, even!Guys pour their hearts and souls into their vehicles, tinkering on them for years as long-term garage projects (think Tim “The Toolman” Taylor from Home Improvement and his hotrod) or investing full-time energy into a total upgrade or makeover. Simply put, our automobiles are often rolling embodiments of our personalities, preferences, and tastes, which are themselves constantly evolving. So racing to match our needs is the growing number of custom options at our disposal—and not just for hotrods and high-end luxury vehicles, either. Today, customizing a car can be an affordable hobby that works from a sensible base—the type of vehicle the average workingman can afford to own!

Think about the Honda Civic. It’s balanced, safe, extremely inexpensive, and fairly powerful for its size and design, justifying why it’s been the best selling car in Canada for well over a decade. But this vehicle is like raw putty in the hands of experienced mechanics, and it’s also particularly malleable for a more amateur optimizer as well. Honda manufactures a crazy amount of aftermarket options that are supremely easy to install. From headlights to deflectors, seat covers to floor mats, to suspension systems, brake pads, and new exhaust and muffler systems, you’ll have no lack of options to make your Civic or Coupe more your own. One timeless upgrade is using leather seats—new interiors are almost universally appreciated and won’t hurt your chances of selling down the line. New exterior paint jobs will let you personalize further with stripes, decals, and any color imaginable.

Talking about issues beyond the cosmetic, the Civic is optimized for fuel efficiency—it’s pushed to the max in terms of MPGs or MPKs—so pushing it further might not be feasible for everyone. But if you want to cool down your engine and give it much needed airflow, try installing a cold air intake—it’s also an inexpensive way to increase horsepower. If you couple this with a bypass valve, you’ll avoid sucking up any water and stay dry in wet conditions. For additional power, go for a DC Sports Header, but know that it might be tough to install. Mixed reviews of the Jet V-Force Plus Power Control Module mean only try it out if you’re desperate to amp things up even more.

In older models, the enclosed wheel design wasn’t exactly an attractive aesthetic feature. Newer Hondas have evolved in the looks department, but if you’re looking to outfit a used model, why not replace the ugly factory wheels with some lighter options. While going over the top might jeopardize your ability to sell later, better (and appropriate-looking) rims and tires increase both performance and re-sale value.Another cost-effective way to customize your Civic is to add and experiment with mobile electronics, which are sometimes known as “stick-on” accessories. While the 2015 Civic has some great technological features, like a 7” touch screen and a satellite-linked navigation system, used models certainly won’t, meaning you can now haul an ancient model into the second decade of the twenty-first century. Adding some hands-free pieces or Bluetooth tech will make for better safety—you don’t want to be caught endangering others because of texting or making a phone call while on the road.

Employing a lowering kit is another popular option. It’s sure to make handling even easier, and will radically alter the way your Civic is perceived on the road—a dropped gravitational center means a new attitude for those who want to get away from the staid and safe. There are tons of informative guides online to help you through the process of playing with shocks, struts, and suspension, so don’t be afraid to start researching products, prices, and manuals on the web.

Speaking about the Internet—if you’re looking for another passion project or simply something to play with, try out some new skills, or to get a grip on how customization works, check out how Kijiji can put you in touch with a massive range of used Hondas. Buying used models online means you get to cut out dealerships and middlemen; it also provides you with nearly endless options. For upgrades, custom jobs, and aftermarket enthusiasts, the web has become indispensable for getting advice, finding rare or exclusive parts, and just participating in custom culture. Working on cars can be a consuming hobby, and anyone who’s truly passionate about the pursuit knows that the web is now the number one resource to find what you’re looking for—regardless of price range, location, or aptitude.