808 HEX TL Wireless Speaker


There are plenty of impressive portable speakers out there if you’re looking to enjoy your music beyond your headphones. But if you’re looking for bigger sound and a thumping base it helps to go with something a little bigger.

The 808 HEX TL offers a great option as it’s a little bigger than many of the portables out there but is still manageable in size. More importantly, the sound is impressive and can power a small party or gathering. It’s also extremely flexible as it has Bluetooth capability and provides two power options with an AC power adapter or batteries for up to 12 hours of portable listening.

The 808 HEX TL has the largest bass resonator in the 808 Bluetooth speaker line. So you get the thumping base many of us crave along with clear highs via a dedicated tweeter and a balanced response from a full-frequency driver.

The elegant design comes in three colors and the 808 HEX TL will look great on a bookshelf or other spots in your home. Then you can easily bring it out to the deck or garage or other outdoor gatherings. It’s also perfect for a dorm room and college life in general as a party is always at your fingertips.

You can learn more about the 808 HEX TL here.