4 High-Tech Car Integrations You Would Love

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible

Most of you log several hours in your cars every day, chauffeuring children, commuting to work, running errands, and more.
To make things a little more convenient, the high-tech industry is here to help, making all kinds of technology that you can integrate in your drive to take advantage of interactive features while you’re on the move.

Some inventions take your breath away. But not all technology is exciting or even utilitarian. In fact, some creations might make you say “what on earth were they thinking?”

Even if your ride is already the apple of your eye, the most gorgeously styled coupe could use high-tech integrations. Here are four integrations that you would love for their features, and the fact that they would ease your commute during rush hour:

High-tech car seats

Comfort is quickly becoming the primary preference of drivers. In addition to opting for an interactive display in the car’s dashboard, they may want to opt for something that adds comfort to their commute.

Seats are embracing technology in this regard. Front seats are equipped with heating technology and heated backseats are becoming common. More features such as ventilation, power adjustments and back massages are also being provided. Michigan-based company Lear introduced a process that utilizes adhesives to bond leather seat covers to foam to prevent the cover from sagging or wrinkling from frequent use.

In-car PC

Realistic 3D-images have made their way from megaplex screens to the living room. 3D technology, as a result, is becoming common in everyday life, including in automobiles. Thin-film transistor technology is being used to create cluster displays that shows critical information as well as primary and secondary data to the driver in his/her field of view. This technology is being integrated into in-car PCs to add realism to navigational displays.

Successful companies are those that focus on increasing their offers to customers via complementary services from other companies. This enhanced value is resulting in cooperation between car companies and technology companies like Kontron. For example, rugged and embedded computer technology with highest-performing on-board computers are now coming pre-integrated in newer car models, so another available options for consumers looking for a new ride is to buy a car with a pre-embedded PC in its interior.

Mobile WiFi connectivity

Wi-Fi hotspot functionality in cars is something several manufactures have been endeavoring towards. Audi and Chrysler finally obtained the Holy Grail by making vehicles that allow drivers the ability to access the web across a range of devices while commuting. This is useful if you need to send a quick email while the impatient child on the back plays with his iPad.

It also indicates that manufacturers are moving away from using GPS as crutches when it comes to in-car technology. Mobile WiFi is also being integrated with custom software such as Cue and MyLink, which allow drivers to bookmark items such as location and radio stations on the web.

Active cornering headlights and blind spot technology

On a winding road in total darkness, these headlamps use computerized data from steering and speed angles and swivel the main beams of the headlamps towards the road in front. This feature has high appeal and is being considered to be integrated in affordable cars in the near future.

Blind spot technology is another new high-tech feature that is useful; this technology makes a car emit a beep when the driver gets too close to a line divider, and it doesn’t require the use of the turn signal. You can just turn the lanes quietly.

Are you digging these features already?