Going away with the guys – what to do and where to go

Caesar's Palace pool

Getting away with the guys for a few days is a time-honored means of enabling hard-pressed men, maybe with a raft of responsibilities and commitments, to let off some steam and return home refreshed and ready for new challenges.

Traditional getaways

There are numerous locations for this that have stood the test of time and have become hot favorites. The Mediterranean paradise destinations of choice for sun, sand and partying are Ibiza (at the top of the list), followed closely by Majorca and Greece, with Turkey a hot new entry because of its raves and clubbing scene in resorts such as Bodrum and Gumbet in the Aegean.

If you fancy a break that’s a little more urban, you can’t beat Prague and Amsterdam, while Bavaria during October is a heaven stuffed with malt, barley and hops, the essential ingredients of Oktoberfest.

Drop in on Vegas

Stateside, the potential of Vegas for a fabulous lads’ break can be seen by watching The Hangover, which really says it all. Las Vegas is truly the experience of a lifetime for many of us, and the best way to experience all it has to offer is in the company of your cherished buds. Soak up the OTT glamour and glitz, tread some of the most famous sidewalks on the planet and drop in to a few of the palatial, neon-drenched casinos to hopefully make a killing. There are also plenty of fabulous bars, restaurants and nightclubs to enjoy well into the small hours.

Follow your baseball team around the country

If you think you’re a real baseball fan, this may be because you watch a few home games on TV, and time allowing, even attend some fixtures in person. This, unfortunately, only certifies you as a rookie. The real test of a devoted fan is whether you’re willing and indeed eager to travel around the country to support your team in Minor League Baseball (MiLB) events.

MiLB fans travel everywhere, usually with a group of friends, to watch their teams play and hopefully win. Fan interaction is an important part of the tradition in MiLB. Players habitually give out autographs, and there’s great home team support, making for a tight bond between team and community and an enduring feeling of loyalty. Following your favorite team around the US is probably the best ever recipe for a guys’ break. If you want to step it up a gear or two, try exchanging Minor League Baseball for Major League Baseball.

Muscle in on WrestleMania

WrestleMania is WWE’s signature event and attracts thousands of fans as well as big bucks to its host city each year. Over 100,000 visitors come from around the globe to support the WWE celebrities, and heading to the event with a bunch of guys guarantees a great time on every level. It’s simplicity itself to book cheap flights and tickets these days through sites like Flights.com.

The reach of WrestleMania is awesome, with cities treating the event as equivalent to Super Bowl for pulling in the crowds and for sheer excitement. There’s the opportunity to not only enjoy the entertainments on offer at these venues but to actively support your favorite fighters as they perform in some of the world’s great cities. Many people make traveling to the current WrestleMania host city their annual vacation. The revenue garnered by the event for the city is enormous, and this is reflected in the raft of entertainments laid on to keep the fans happy.

WrestleCon bonus

Fans of professional wrestling will be delighted that this event takes place over the same weekend and in the same city as WrestleMania, so they get two for the price of one on the testosterone front. Different types and styles of wrestling are showcased in this event, such as Dragon Gate, Evolve, Combat Zone and Chikara Pro, providing a world of added excitement and interest. Fans enjoying the WrestleMania weekend are sure to drop in on one of the WrestleCon shows just to explore the many other types of wrestling being showcased there.

With so many cities, venues and opportunities on offer, either for short breaks to let off steam or for longer, targeted destinations to follow your team or sport around the country, groups of guys have never had it so good. Get away from it all and let your hair down with your buds for a few days that will be engraved on your memory forever.