Purchasing a Bed: Three Effective Tips

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A bed is an essential item that provides the comfort that will allow you to achieve sound sleep and therefore become refreshed and revitalised for each new day. A lumpy, sagging or otherwise uncomfortable mattress can lead to lethargy, stiffness or aches and pains. Investing on the right beds is a lifesaver for individuals who struggle with getting sound sleep.

1. Take Measurements

You may be dreaming of a super-king, or even a standard double if you currently have a smaller size, but be sure to measure up your bedroom, taking into account the location of windows and doors. Consider the walking space around it and other furniture. Devise a room plan, keeping it accessible and uncluttered by following several guidelines in the Internet. Then measure doorways and halls through which the new furniture will have to be taken. These steps will ensure the size you want will not only fit in the room, but will also be able to be moved through the house.

2. Research Brands

Take some time to look into the offerings of different manufacturers. There are many different types of mattress available, from traditional springs to memory foam and even waterbeds. If you suffer from back pain, consider firmer mattresses, as they will keep your body in better alignment. Visit a number of stores and don’t be afraid to try out mattresses, lying in your normal sleeping position. Choose frames according to your personal taste and available space.

3. Wait for Sales

Furniture shops tend to have frequent sales, so if there isn’t one at the moment, either wait for the next one or use negotiation to get a discount on your chosen mattress and frame. Most will be happy to strike a deal, particularly if you are purchasing more than one item. Always ask if anything can be thrown in for free, as you may be able to get a complementary set of linen or even free delivery. Don’t be afraid to walk away and try somewhere else if you are not offered a reasonable deal.

Whether you are looking for a replacement, a larger bed or just a new mattress, don’t rush, as your new furniture will play a huge part in your life for a number of years. Having measured up, research different brands and types of mattress. Be sure to read reviews, then try out your favourites in person. Finally, look out for bargains so your investment feels even better!


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