Carving a Place for Him: From Man Cave to Man Castle


The spaces have existed since man can remember, yet somehow the modern man often forgets how to dress his dwelling area. The ‘man cave’ gets salutes in modern literature, media coverage, and quips from presidential candidates, yet the ‘average joe’ scratches his head when it comes to carving a place for himself.

Why the ‘Man Cave’?

The ‘man cave’ is representative of the man himself, a framed and lived-in creation of one’s personality. The man cave improves a man’s quality of life, provides comfort, and serves as a place to hang one’s hat (or head and sulk depending on the events of a given day).

What Goes in the Cave?

While each cave is unique as the man, as not to lose the forest through the trees, focus on a number of integral man cave elements.

A sturdy desk, preferably made of wood, is a staple man cave item. Once used for fire and warming one’s body, the modern man’s desk is used to write warm-hearted letters to mom, host pictures of one’s sweetheart, and New Yorker magazines.
Well-celebrated men are well rested too, seeking a number of stylish and comfortable chairs to situate around the cave. While a ‘master’ chair is often selected to serve as ‘throne,’ the modern man enjoys options. Do you want to raise some eyebrows? See what Charles Eames has to offer.

You’ll need a place to put up your feet, put down your coffee, and keep up appearances; an eye appealing and well functioning coffee tables is an integral cave item.

What Goes Around the Cave?

We’ve addressed a number of needed cave items. Now, let’s consider something men don’t usually like to discuss – decorating. The greatest trick a lazy man ever pulled was convincing other men that personalising is ‘decorating.’
Do you like a particular sports team? Do you use a specific brand of deodourant? Do you like your individuality? You need a way to express yourself, dress your mane, and fan your feathers. Merely having a cave is not enough; if you want females to notice your man cave, you’ll have to ‘personalise’ it.

Cleaning the Cave

Cleanliness is next to godliness and the man cave is your temple. Therefore, like your body (hopefully), you’ll need to keep the cave very clean. Buy cleaning products according to targeted surfaces. Also, be mindful of children in the house and pets that may linger in or around the man cave; some cleaning chemicals are harmful.

If cleaning is a problem or something that won’t become cave custom, consider hiring a cleaning crew.

Guarding the Cave

Whether it’s personal hygiene items or business files, some cave elements remain private. Therefore, a man needs to consider safeguarding in-cave items, especially if the cave is a part of a larger house or shared apartment.

Clever interior designers construct clever and chic implements like lockbox chess tables and fashionable chests. Maintain peace of mind when away from the cave knowing personal items are secure.

Jessica Andrews has had a long career in interior design. From revitalized family rooms to functional professional home offices to specialized spaces, she has a knack for the fun, practical, and inspirational.