LG G3 Gaming Sensation

LG released its flagship LG G2 smartphone to much critical praise and industry admiration. The LG G2 was (and still is) an absolute powerhouse of a phone. With its 2.26GHz quad-core processor a knee-wobblingly stunning 424ppi HD display and a battery life which many herald as the best in its class there wasn’t too much to complain about.

Twelve months later however users salivate for more mobile processing power, more pixels per square inch and sexier designs.

LG fans will not be disappointed with their latest release, they delivered again.

LG Powerhouse

Somehow LG have managed to improve on one of the best smartphones on the market today. They’ve made it brighter, bigger and sleeker.

The first thing you notice about the LG G3 is its gorgeous, rich, 5.5 INCH Quad HD screen. It’s mesmeric.

HD movies, high resolution videos and photos all look razor sharp. The colours are rich but not oversaturated it’s a class act and really delivers a visual feast especially if you enjoy playing the latest HD games on GoWin. We can’t recommend it enough.

The back of the phone now sports a chic brushed metal finish and has a curvature which makes it easier and more comfortable for the user to hold either in landscape or portrait angles meaning the experience when holding the device to play games is all the more enjoyable.

Lasts much longer

One feature which makes the LG G3 such a fantastic device to play games on is its battery life. Even with arguably the best display on the market to power the LG G3 can push through a hard days usage without the need for a top up meaning long journeys or time away from a power source are not to be of concern.

The software running the device makes the whole experience fluid which gives the operating system real grunt when flicking between gaming and social media. The camera, like last year’s model is 13MP and frankly it’s hard to improve upon. Its rapid launch speed and ‘laser’ auto focus feature means taking a snap in hurry is no longer a worry, fantastic for victory selfies when you reach a high score.

Life’s Good

The LG G3 is a game changer.

With its state of the art screen, blistering processor speed and battery life better than all others in its class The LG G3 makes for one of the best gaming smartphones on the market today.

For more information Engadget provides a comprehensive low-down on the G3’s specs.