Power Up! The Top Ten Must-Have Tools For DIY Dudes

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It’s time to power up your shed or garage. You’re looking for some power tools so that you can be the everyday man. Maybe you’re just missing some items due to a recent move or something broke on you. Here’s the essentials no man should be without.

1. A Drill

Drills are probably first on every guy’s list. Cordless and corded – you’ll need them both. The corded drill provides the power, but it’s not very flexible in terms of where you can use it. Cordless drills are flexible, can be taken anywhere, but often lack the power of a corded drill. Have both, and you’ll be able to tackle a wide range of jobs, regardless of where they are located.

2. Socket Wrench and Set

Socket wrenches and sets are must-haves. You never know when you’ll need to do some work on the car, or when you’ll need to fix something around the house with a nut or bolt on it. Go with quality here – Crafstman or better.

3. Circular Saw

Every guy who does home improvements needs a circular saw. How else can you cut wood?

4. Lots Of Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are needed for even the most basic of tasks. Get a range of sizes – all the way down to “stub drivers.” Also, get both flathead and philips screwdrivers.

5. Allen Wrench Set

Allen wrenches look like small “L”s, and most people forget about them until they need them. But, by that time, the home improvement store is closed. Allen wrenches are useful for niche projects and you really do need them when you need them. Nothing but an allen wrench will take out an allen nut or bolt.

6. Impact Driver

Impact drivers are good for breaking loose stubborn bolts and screws. They are typically attachments you buy for a compressed air machine.

7. Compressed Air Machine

Compressors are necessary when you need compressed air for power tools like air drills, impact wrenches and drivers, and for times when you just need compressed air to clean something. Get a unit capable of putting out 300 psi or more. That should be good for anything around the house.

8. Stud Sensor

Hanging pictures? You’ll need a stud sensor, unless you want to rip open the walls to find secure hanging locations. Stud sensors also help you keep kitchen racks and bathroom towel rods straight.

9. Reciprocating Saw

Buying tools online can be somewhat of a tricky proposition but, if you’re going to buy something online, buy a reciprocating saw. Why? Because this item is already expensive, and a luxury item for most homeowners. It’s best to hunt for a good deal on this one rather than pay retail prices.

Why have it if it’s so expensive and a luxury item? Because it makes a lot of tasks very simple. For example, if you need to cut through grade 8 hardened steel, these will do the job quickly with steel-cutting blades.

If you need to trim tree branches, again, this will do the job very nicely. It compliments the circular saw, but can get into places that you wouldn’t be able to get to with it.

10. Leave Blower

Who doesn’t own a leaf blower? You? Well, get one. When Autumn rolls around, and your neighbour is blowing leaves, you want to be able to blow all your leaves into his yard in retaliation for his blowing – a sort of leaf hot potato game. Just kidding. In all seriousness, these tools are useful for all kinds of yard debris, and make fall cleanup a snap.

Leo Maum’s toolbelt is a daily accessory. When not swinging his hammer or adding another coat of paint, he enjoys writing on renovation and DIY blogs.