5 Burger Joints Worth Traveling For

ID-10052807 By Grant Cochrane
Free digital image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhoto.net/By Grant Cochrane

It might not be the healthiest cuisine option around, but a really great burger is something that can satisfy cravings and turn a crappy day into a much more remarkable one. However, when it comes to finding a brilliant burger, there’s more to look for than just some meat on a bun. From mile-high creations filled with all sorts of goodies to simple yet elegant options that focus on quality ingredients, there are burgers all around the world that are sure to have your mouth watering and taste buds satiated in a few minutes flat. If you’re keen to travel the world trying the best burgers on offer, read on for five restaurants you should add to your bucket list.

Ferdi in Paris

This Parisian establishment is good enough for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, who have been spotted more than once at the restaurant, and declared by Penelope Cruz to serve up the best cheeseburgers in Paris. It is also the place that some of the world’s most well-regarded fashion designers turn to when they need a good lunch — both Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin have been seen dining here on many occasions. Run by husband and wife-team Alicia and Jacques Fontanier, Ferdi opened in 2004 as a “strictly non chichi” venue for Parisian locals to head to for home-style comfort food, quality Spanish tapas and an extensive drinks list. The restaurant is named after the couple’s son Ferdinand and has been fitted out with eclectic, quirky decor such as their son’s old toys, humorous vintage signs and well-loved second-hand furniture. Ferdi (located near the Place de la Concord) has a warm, informal, intimate feel and is famous around the world for its cheeseburgers. The venue books out months in advance, particularly for dinner, so ensure you make a booking before you go so you can enjoy time spent at this quality restaurant. After all, the sign on the front door says it all: “Good food takes time. We have the food. Do you have the time?”

Lucille’s Restaurant in Cairo

Founded and run by a Cairo resident of the same name, Lucille’s is a popular diner with hamburgers on the menu that were described by a Time Magazine correspondent as the best in the world. Located in the Maadi district of Cairo, the restaurant serves up an interesting mix of American-style cuisine that includes fluffy pancakes, eggs and hash browns as well as Mexican enchiladas and the renowned burgers. Lucille’s has created a secret ingredient for the burgers made in the cozy diner (something confidential that’s slathered on the beef patty when it hits the heat) and also uses fresh, organic ingredients to keep flavours tasty. While the restaurant has long been a favourite of the American-expat community (it opened in 1996), these days 70 per cent of the clientele are Egyptians.

Umami Burger in Los Angeles

If vegetarian meals are more your thing, head to Umami Burger in Los Angeles (or other locations in the United States like Las Vegas and New York City) for a meat-free burger. The popular restaurant, founded by Adam Fleischman, serves up the Earth Burger, named by Los Angeles Magazine as the city’s Best Veggie Burger in 2012. Other burger options on the menu include an Ahi Tuna Burger; a Manly Burger that contains smoked salt-onion strings and beer-cheddar cheese; and a Hatch Burger that features four types of green chillies. Fleischman opened the first Umami Burger restaurant in 2009 and created a fine-dining level of service paired with a casual Californian vibe that’s been pleasing customers ever since.

Louis’ Lunch in New Haven

If historical significance is important to you then take a trip to Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut. Founded back in 1900 by Louis Lassen, Louis’ Lunch is the perfect place for any burger lover to get a good meal. The restaurant actually began the whole hamburger trend and served up the first “meat in a bun” delicacy over 110 years ago. The creation happened quite by accident, when a customer asked for something that could be eaten on-the-go, and Lassen used some leftover beef trimmings to form a patty that he broiled and placed between two pieces of toast. These days you can still order the same type of burger to satisfy a craving, and know that it’s even cooked on the exact same cast-iron skillet! How’s that for consistency?

Howzat Burger in Brisbane

If you’re searching for a quality burger destination in Brisbane, head into the CBD and visit a new pop-up restaurant called Howzat Burger. A test project from well-known restaurateur Philip Johnson (of E’cco fame), Howzat started this year with a small opening of just two days per week for lunch in late January, but was selling roughly 1.5 burgers per minute by the second day of trade. The popular pop-up burger joint has now become permanent and sells top-notch burgers, fries, shakes and other sides four days per week from a venue underneath the more upscale E’cco restaurant.