“World Wars” premieres on History on Memorial Day

There are few events in world history as pivotal as the great wars of the 20th Century. Few veterans of World War II remain with us, but that generation will never be forgotten.

Starting on Memorial Day, HISTORY presents a three-part miniseries about the 31 years (from 1914 to 1945) that the world was at war — a story of one generation, who came of age during the First World War and would lead their nations in the Second. Narrated by two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner, “World Wars” examines the two wars as one contiguous timeline through the eyes of the powerful men who held the fate of mankind in their hands; men like Roosevelt, Hitler, Patton, Mussolini, Churchill, Tojo, DeGaulle and MacArthur.

In conjunction with the series debut, HISTORY has partnered with QuizUp, the biggest trivia game in the world, to provide fans with 300 brand new questions associated with the show for the chance to win an incredible grand prize: a trip for two to Hawaii to visit historic Pearl Harbor. You can download the app now and start playing!

Head over to the official site for more information, start a discussion on social media using hashtag #WorldWars, and follow HISTORY Channel on Twitter (@HISTORY) on May 26-28 at 9PM where they’ll be live-tweeting the three-day event.


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