2014 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As we’ve said throughout the years, moms always appreciate it when you put some thought into their gift. Of course, you can always go with flowers or chocolates, but something more personal is usually better. Whether you’re buying for your mom, your wife or another important woman in your life, think about their interests and what would bring a smile to their face.

Some moms also love gadgets that make their lives easier, so keep that in mind as well. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

SodaStream Source

SodaStream has been around longer than most people probably realize, but it’s really gained in popularity these last couple years due to people living on tighter budgets, becoming more eco-friendly and living healthier lifestyles. That’s because the carbonated beverage machine addresses all three issues by costing less money (at least after the initial investment), using BPA-free containers that are reusable and easy to clean, and offering a variety of flavors without the use of harmful sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. It also helps that the SodaStream is so easy to use. You fill the bottle with water, connect it to the machine, press down for a few seconds to activate the carbonation, and add your syrup flavor of choice. The included CO2 canister produces up to 60 liters of fizzy beverages, and when it’s empty, you simply trade it in for a new one at a participating retail store, just like you would with a propane gas tank. And because you can make so many different flavors at the drop of a dime, you don’t have to stock up on bulky two-liters or 24-packs of soda in order to please every member of the family, which makes this about as close to a must-have household item as it gets.

Out of Print Clothing and Accessories

Out of Print Clothing tote bagWhether you’re shopping for the librarian or English teacher in your life, or just someone who enjoys curling up in a chair with their favorite book, Out of Print has some really cool gear inspired by literary classics. From clothing for all ages, to accessories like tote bags, jewelry, iPhone cases and coasters, Out of Print’s product line allows people to express their inner bookworm for everyone to see. The line-up is also pretty impressive, featuring a solid mix of well-known and lesser-known books for both adults and children, though some titles appear more frequently than others. There are a few items that we were surprised to see missing from Out of Print’s online store (like e-Reader cases/covers and bookmarks), but they’re adding stuff all the time. Better yet, with each purchase of an item, the company donates a book to an African community in need, so it’s almost like you’re buying two gifts for the price of one.

Dyson DC65 Animal

Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum CleanerIf you’ve browsed through our gift guides in the past, then you know that we’re loyal supporters of the Dyson brand of vacuums and fans. Though their steep price tags have always been a point of contention for some, we believe that investing in a Dyson is worth every dollar. Last year, we reviewed the Dyson DC50 compact upright vacuum, and in that time, the company has released a new flagship model (the DC65 Animal) that’s bigger and better, with 25% more sucking power and few other improvements. The redesign of the brush bar is the most notable change, raising the ridge that the bristles sit on, thereby making the bristles shorter and stiffer, so that it allows for deeper carpet penetration to remove more dirt and less likely to scratch hard floors. The Dyson engineers have also stripped back the design of the cleaner head so that the brush bar has end to end coverage, eliminating those dirty strips that are often left at the base of cabinets. Though the DC65 is noticeably heavier than its predecessor, it’s perfect for those with big houses, because it gets the done job faster and more efficiently.

Dyson DC59 Animal

Of course, if you’re looking for a more portable option, but want to stay within the Dyson family of vacuums, then the DC59 Animal is your best bet. The latest Dyson Slim cordless vacuum boasts some big upgrades of its own, improving upon the DC35 in just about every way. At the top of that list is the new digital motor V6, which packs 350 watts of suction power – three times that of any other cordless vacuum on the market. Though there’s no longer an option to remove the battery pack for easy charging, and the boost feature still only lasts 6 minutes, the DC59 runs almost twice as long as its predecessor (26 minutes versus 15 minutes on a single charge), preventing the need to plug it in quite as often. The trigger is also much lighter, so it’s not as much of a pain to hold down for long periods of time, which was by far the biggest complaint with the DC35. You still won’t want to rely on this to handle bigger jobs, but it’ll likely become your mother or wife’s secret weapon for quick spills, stairs and other hard-to-reach places.