Fight germs with GermWarrior, a new nasal inhaler


Everyone seems concerned with fighting germs these days, and for good reason. We all hate getting sick, so we’re drawn to products that can help kill airborne germs. We recently tested a new product called GermWarrior, a homeopathic nasal inhaler that delivers an active germ-fighting agent through a convenient inhalation system. It was very easy to use and also felt good when you inhale the vapors. It works when you inhale the GermWarrior vapors once into each nostril, allowing the essential oil–based formulation to enter the nasal passage. It’s formulated to help to boost the immune system and inhibit airborne germs.

Naturally we can’t confirm if it actually killed germs but I know I’ll try it again, particularly if I start feeling stuffy. The vapors are strong but also pleasant with a powerful aroma, so it’s definitely worth a try.