Product Review: WallMonkeys Custom Wall Decals


What is WallMonkey? A WallMonkey is a wall graphic created from an image and converted into a decal of variable sizes that are removable and reusable; think Fathead, but a higher quality material with any unlicensed image you select.

WallMonkeys started in 2008, and its primary purpose was to print wall graphics of kids playing sports for parents.

Thanks to the custom wall decal portion of my brain being dominated by the marketing team at Fathead, the first WallMonkey I requested was one of former Chicago Bears stud linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Due to copyright issues, this couldn’t be completed, but I’m thankful it did not, because what I got was better and vastly superior to an image of any athlete.

I thought, “What is the most ridiculous and obnoxious thing I could have blown up to cover the walls of my house?”

My mind immediately sprung to Austin Powers and his epic line from the movie, “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”: Please allow myself, to introduce….myself.”

What’s better than going to my house and seeing the real Paul Eide? Seeing a 48-inch WallMonkey of Paul Eide, while you’re engaged in a conversation with Paul Eide.

The hardest part was choosing an image of myself, to be viewed and enjoyed by myself.


Ultimately, I chose the first one that came to mind: an image from when Bullz-Eye sent me to Lake Tahoe California to tackle the Tough Mudder.

I sent in the image, specified that I wanted a WallMonkey of myself, sans background, and my shipment arrived almost exactly 48 hours later.

When I opened up the tube containing the WallMonkey of myself and unfurled it, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, to myself.

There I was, in full color, the minutest of details captured in a high-resolution image via WallMonkey that I could put on any wall in my house.

And when I say any wall, I mean any wall.

WallMonkeys are made of a material called “Photo-Tex.” Other companies use vinyl because it is cheaper, but those alternatives are thinner (4 mil versus 10 mil), low-quality, lose their stickiness and can potentially leave residue on your wall.

The largest WallMonkey I received was 48 inches by roughly 15 inches and was accompanied by four smaller Mini Mes that measured 12 inches by roughly 4.5 inches.

The measurements of each WallMonkey are variable and based on the size of WallMonkey you choose. WallMonkeys start at 12″ and go all the way up to 6′ tall.

I decided to place the largest WallMonkey graphic on the wall behind the entryway to my living room, which is across from my couch, out of eyesight, until you sit on my couch.

It has proven to be a great prank. When I leave the room, many an unsuspecting babe has gasped or shrieked loudly, thinking I had left the room, only to be confronted with a direct facsimile of myself.


Even if you have trouble selecting an image from your own collection, WallMonkeys has a library of 20 million images. And WallMonkeys are made in the USA, so you won’t find them at Wal-Mart.

The uses for WallMonkeys are only limited by your imagination. Get a compromising image of one of your bros and apply liberally to his home or workspace. Or, commemorate a one-time event like a wedding (or a divorce) with a badass custom wall decal from WallMonkeys.

For more information on WallMonkeys, check out the website here.  Say “Hi” via the company’s Twitter account here and Facebook page here.


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