Is it the sheets? A Guys Guide to Choosing the Right Linens That She’ll Love

couple kissing under blankets

We spend a 1/3 of our lives in bed; there is no reason not to make it enjoyable for you and your female friend(s). To most guys, sheets are just sheets. But considering she noticed that you two use the same type of toothpaste, don’t you think she’s noticing a little bit more than just the pattern of your blanket while you’re passed out next to her? Since we always have our readers’ backs, here’s our go-to guide to taking your bed to the next comfort level and giving her one more incentive for sleeping next to your handsome mug.

Before we dive into our suggestions, let’s go over a few terms you’re likely to run into when shopping for new linens.

Common bed sheet materials: cotton, linen, silk, rayon, satin, bamboo fibre, and polyester blends
Thread count – the amount of threads woven in per square inch (150 threads woven lengthwise + 150 woven widthwise = 300 thread count)
Egyptian cotton – regarded as one of the finest cottons on earth, it is known for durability, softness, and strength
Fitted (bottom) sheet – a sheet that is usually made with elastic (sometimes drawstrings) at each corner, which are used to keep the sheet from slipping off of the mattress while in use
Flat sheet – sometimes called the top sheet, the flat sheet does not include elastic and is meant to be used between a blanket and the person

Now that you aren’t completely ignorant to what you’re looking at, here is the perfect set of sheets for whichever stage of life you’re currently in.

Division 3: For the Struggling Collegiate Brethren

I know, I know—the blanket you used in high school is still going strong. Plus, you’re in college, you barely have enough for your Friday six-pack, let alone new linens. Don’t fret, young scholar, what if you could get some sheets that’ll blow your current ones out the water and still won’t break the bank? RHL has dorm bedding (with twin XL sheets) that are not only comfortable and stylish, but are guaranteed until graduation. Give ‘em a try to upgrade your standard dorm bed.

Division 2: For the Young Professionals Getting His Life Together

After you’ve gotten past the entry-level position and your apartment decor doesn’t include a pyramid of beer cans, you deserve to give your domain a much needed upgrade. Like most young professionals, you’re torn between your old, cheap way of life and that of those a few years ahead of you. You need something that makes it clear that you’re more mature than you were as a junior, but won’t make you look old and detached. To make this distinction, make your bed a ton more comfortable and sophisticated with 300 count Italian fine linens.

Division 1: For the Bullz-Eye Ballers

If you’re in this bracket and you haven’t upgraded your sheets since you were D2, it’s alright; we’re about set you up proper. Head on over to Frette and check out the linens we’ve picked out. Made from the finest Egyptian cotton (that’s what Kanye’s $120 t-shirt was made out of, fyi), these linens will have you and your bedmate snooze through every alarm you set. For the busy lifestyle you live, you deserve to come home and lay in nothing but the finest, most comfortable bed. Beautifully crafted linens like these will make that dream come to a reality.