5 Stylish Rides

We hear this story all the time, those guys that claim I don’t care about cars, as long as it gets me from A to B. Want to know a secret? Those people are liars. Who wouldn’t want to cruise around in a car that turns more heads than a laughing clown game? Even my partner, the most eco friendliest of hippies, dreams of nothing more than owning his very own 911 Porsche. Perhaps these naysayers have only been driving Toyota Camry’s and don’t know any better? Well these rides should know, here are the top five cars that ooze style, class and even a bit of swag.

Aston Martin Vanquish

There have been times in Aston Martins past where their vehicles have won on the road and times where models have simply flat lined, remember the short-lived Virage? Despite this fact, everyone still wants to claim for themselves a slice of cinematic history. I mean, who wouldn’t want to re-enact that illustrious image of Sean Connery suavely relaxing against his Aston Martin staring broodingly into the distance? The Vanquish line is hands down the most exquisite model to date, the interior screams soft leather which is perfect for long drives around the cliffs of the country side and whiles it’s not the quickest of the Aston Martins, it’s certainly involved.

Mini Cooper

The Mini often cops a lot of flak, mostly because it is reserved for Daddy’s little girls and those who just see it as an oversized go-kart. However, those people are dead wrong. The Mini Cooper handles just as well as a sports car and is practical yet super stylish. While it’s probably not fit for a family car, the Mini Coop is perfect for inner city driving.

Jaguar F Type Coupe

This bad boy is hot of the manufacturer’s line, and claims to be the fastest and most dynamic model ever released by Jaguar. We hope so, because Jaguar (otherwise known as the kitty cat of the automotive industry: Stubborn, self-absorbed and untameable) has been going back and forth between moments of sheer brilliance and unfortunate nose dives. The new bloodline boasts a 3.0 litre V6 engine that is powerful and refined, a sleek body type, quick shift transmission and more assistance to allow drivers to focus on the pleasure of the drive.

Range Rover Sport SE

Four wheel drives are normally bulky and abrasive characters, designed for the Real Housewives of Whatever City to somehow manoeuvre and crash into a shopping cart return at the supermarket. However, the new Range Rover Sport SE asserts a radical change with sleeker lines, an aluminium-bodied lighter-weight, improved off-road skills, and a far more lavish interior. For whole range of Land Rovers check out this luxury SUV comparison.

Maserati GranTurismo

When it comes to rides only attainable by the 1%, the GranTurismo is a key favourite. Out of all the Italian cars available on the market, the GrandTurismo is the only one that’s exotic without telling the world that the owner is obnoxious. Maserati are really good at focusing on the finer details and this car scores top marks when it comes to style, technology and craftsmanship.