The benefits of a small car

Ford Focus

So ol’ Betsey just isn’t cutting it anymore? She splutters for five minutes when you start her up and she struggles going up the slightest of inclines. It’s always been a love/hate relationship, but you’ve now come to the conclusion of I need a new car. Congratulations, and welcome to the market! So what’s your new investment? Are you at a crossroads, jumping between going big or small? Purchasing a car is a big deal and deciding on the right car for you is important. Besides considering the make, model, year, and price, consider the size of the car. There are many benefits to owning a small car; they are no longer the econoboxes of yesteryear. Small automobiles now give the big boys a run for their money in terms of design, technology, space and durability. Here is just a few reasons as to why your next car should be downsized.

Parking and Storage

Besides taking on sand dunes and muddy hills, everything is easier in a small car. You can glide into practically every parking space with ease, unless you’re a completely incompetent driver, and in that case, you should have never got your licence. Jokes aside, small cars are ideal for those living in a built up urban areas with limited parking spaces. Unlike an SUV, a small car will easily fit into narrow garages allowing for additional storage after parking your car.

Less Gas = More Mileage

The main disadvantages commonly found with a large car is that they are massive gas guzzlers. Considering petrol is pushing $3.50 a gallon, an extra $100 in mileage on top of your weekly car repayments really hurts the hip pocket. A small car is the complete opposite. Not only will you have to fill up less frequently, but when you do, you’ll have no fear in doing a happy dance when you notice that the pump doesn’t spin over $100.

Cheaper to Maintain

Servicing your car is something not many people look forward to, especially if you think your mechanic is going to charge you an arm and a leg. Small cars like Ford Fiesta and Focus offer an abundance of maintenance saving opportunities, starting with the simplicity of how the car is built; smaller car means less time in the garage and hardly any fussing about for you. Unlike a large vehicle, it’s rare that you will have to spend more than $1,000 of a set of new tyres, and any spare parts you might need will be significantly cheaper.

Packed With Technology

Technology is no longer limited to luxury vehicles and large cars. Carmakers are now free to cram every high tech gadget at their disposal into these downsized chariots. In a new model, you’ll likely find in-dash navigation systems, hard-drive based entertainment units, in-car communication offerings, smartphone integration, heated seats…. Oh and multiple cup holders. Under no circumstances can you neglect the practicality of numerous cup holders.

What do you look for when purchasing a new car? Would you go for a large car or a small one? Tell us in the comments below.