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Smoking in the Dorm Room – An eCig Primer

Any college student can tell you how much of a pain in the ass it is to go out for a smoke if you live on campus. You have to lock up your room, make your way outside, have your smoke, swipe your card to get back in, and unlock the door. That’s a ton of work just to smoke, don’t you think? It gets old, fast.

There’s no way that you can smoke when you’re in the dorm room because the fire detector is set on maximum sensitivity mode (or something) – hell, how many times have you had to endure that obnoxious fire alarm because someone burnt their ramen? You’ve gotta be mindful of that.

It’s time to get switch it up. You really need to consider using electronic cigarettes.

• They’re better for you since you’re not inhaling smoke and other toxins since it’s vapor
• They’ve got different flavors so you’re not stuck smoking 305’s because you’re broke
• They’re really inexpensive compared to buying a pack especially when you use e-liquid
• They’re not going to force you to evacuate because you wanted a drag in your room

Let’s say you’re good on the idea and you want to check into eCigs. A good place to start, especially if you’re low on funds at the moment, would be one of the free starter kits by Victory Electronic Cigarettes.

So here’s the deal: the kit is basic in the sense that it’ll get you started with eCigs on mid-level. You may have tried one of the Blu’s or NJoy’s that you find at 7-11 sometime or another but those are disposable which means that once they’re done they’re worthless.

The kit that Victory is giving away comes with a rechargeable battery (along with the chargers that go with it), various flavored cartridges (like tobacco, menthol, blueberry, etc), and a cool case for it so you can be all gangster style.

If you’ve never used one of the better (we’re talking mid-level at this point) electronic cigarettes than you’re going to be blown away because it takes those disposable ones and dumps them to the curb.

The fact that you get to change out the cartridges and recharge the battery means that you’re always getting a nice vape – you’re going to feel it when you take a drag. You’re also not forced to stick to one flavor which may suck depending on the brand when you picked up a disposable that one time. You can think of the different cartridges like a sampler pack of the flavors which is a nice touch if you’re unsure what type you like.

Okay and here’s the best part, so we can come full circle: you can smoke ‘em in your dorm.

You’re inhaling vapor, still getting the nicotine, but without the smoke and the nastiness that comes along with process tobacco. The vapor isn’t going to set off the fire alarm and even if you’re paranoid you could always open a window – it’s basically like water vapor.

So, no more being forced to run down to have a smoke – you can keep concentrated on doing your homework (or getting ready to party) – and you’ll save a good amount of coin.

That’s playing the game when it comes to college dorm life.