Bullz-Eye’s 2013 TV Power Rankings

16. Californication


Hank Moody is the man. Sure, he’s an irresponsible drunk with a knack for finding trouble in crazy LA, but he knows how to enjoy himself, and it’s fun as hell going along for the ride. Every season brings another sexy love interest and a slew of hookups. This season featured Maggie Grace, while recent seasons featured Meagan Goode, Addison Timlin and Carla Cugino. Unfortunately, characters like wild rocker Atticus Fetch in Season 6 and rapper Samurai Apocalypse in Season 5 aren’t nearly as fun or interesting. After six seasons, the drama with Karen and his daughter is getting a little old, though in Season 6, we finally saw Becca becoming a little more interesting and a less annoying as she experimented with booze, drugs and a new, goofy boyfriend who looks like a troll. The storylines push the envelope of absurdity each year, but there are enough wildly entertaining scenes to keep us coming back for more.

17. Family Guy


We’ll never get tired of the Griffins or the sick and twisted humor of Seth MacFarlane as he continues to push the envelope of good taste. Like “The Simpsons” and “South Park,” “Family Guy” has had a great run, and it’s still one of the funniest shows on television. This past season included a spoof of “Twelve Angry Men” as Mayor West goes on trial for a murder that takes place in the mayor’s mansion.

18. The Daily Show/The Colbert Report


With the election over, many of us are sick of politics these days, yet there’s plenty of stupidity coming from politicians and the cable news outlets to keep Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert at the top of their games. “The Daily Show” hasn’t missed a beat, even with John Oliver subbing in for Jon Stewart in recent months.

19. Shameless


When you give a brilliant character actor like William H. Macy a role as rich as that of drunkard Frank Gallagher, you’re definitely off to a good start in putting together a new TV show. Add in the beautiful and talented Emmy Rossum as his eldest daughter Fiona, and some impressive younger actors to play his children, and now you’re onto something. With the Gallaghers, we get a hilarious peek into the lives of Americans struggling at the lower rungs of the economic ladder in the poor areas of Chicago. I’m tempted to call them a dysfunctional family, but the resourceful kids function pretty well considering they were stuck with a drunk like Frank as their father.

20. Key and Peele


When done well, the sketch comedy format can be a real winner, as we’ve seen from the best years on “SNL” and shows like “In Living Color.” Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele combine filmed sketches and live stage segments on “Key & Peele.” The duo offers up an interesting perspective on many issues given their biracial heritage, which seems to give them license to make fun of everybody.

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