Jessica Uberuaga stars in “Vigilante Diaries” with Jason Mewes

Jason Mewes has been very busy lately. We know him from cult classics like “Clerks” and all of the Jay and Silent Bob”projects, and earlier this year, Will Harris spoke to him about new TV projects. Now, he’s starring in a new and innovative online TV project on called “Vigilante Diaries,” a high energy, fast-paced ride into the dark world of vigilante justice with plenty of guns and blood. The show also stars the lovely Jessica Uberuaga, who you can see in the slideshow above.

We’re seeing a revolution in how TV shows are produced, with Netflix changing viewing habits and now also shaking up the landscape with original programming. We’re also seeing online TV shows catch on through sites like YouTube. is pushing the envelope even further with “Vigilante Diaries,” as the first two episodes have been produced, and now they’re asking the audience to help in getting a full season made. If they reach their goal of $50,000 in paid downloads in 30 days, they will start shooting the new episodes right away. It’s pretty simple – if they find an audience, that audience will help keep the series alive. With Jason Mewes in the lead role, sexy co-stars like Jessica Uberuaga, and an edgy storyline with plenty of action, the prospects look pretty good.

Vigilante Diaries poster