Will Hanes Soften the Blow?

Can a huge target made out of Hanes ComfortBlend® t-shirts soften the blow of antiques launched from a medieval catapult? Join Al Lenderson to find out now!

Ever contemplate launching your grandma’s antiques from a medieval catapult? We have. Watch as Al Lenderson launches grandma’s prized possessions at huge soft target made of Hanes Comfortblend® t-shirts. Grandma wasn’t amused, but we sure were!

They took a brand new scooter, fresh produce, fine antiques, and a rare violin, then wrapped them in Hanes ComfortBlend ™ products. From there, they crushed them, slingshot them, threw them off a cliff, and launched them from a catapult. The question They were looking to answer: would Hanes “Soften the Blow”?


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