Cool Gifts for Guys

golfer swinging at sunset

It’s normal for guys to give gifts to their girlfriends and vice versa. But gift giving doesn’t only occur between people of the opposite sex (or between couples). Maybe you’re a guy and you’re looking for cool gifts for your male friend. Maybe you’re getting married and you want to get your groomsmen something nice as a thank you for putting up with you. Whether you’re buying a gift for a bachelor party, a housewarming or a birthday, Personal Creations men’s gifts is the solution.

Can’t narrow down the best gifts? Here is a list of five cool gifts for dudes.

1. Guys weekend. Maybe your friend is about to walk down the aisle and you want to give him a memorable weekend. Get a group of his friends together and plan a bachelor weekend. There are plenty of fun, cool places to unwind for a few days. Head to New York City and check out the sites, or spend a few days in Las Vegas. Hit some of the hottest nightclubs, a show or attend a sporting event.

2. Personalized mug. Baby showers are typically for women. But if your guy friend is expecting a child, why not give him a cool gift? If you’re not comfortable sorting through a baby registry or shopping the baby aisle at Target, consider other options such as a personalized mug. Perhaps a mug that says, “3 Reasons I Love Being a Dad,” or “World’s Best Dad.”

3. Electronic devices. Being observant can help you pick the best gift for your best guy friend. Maybe your friend has been eyeing the latest gadgets and has his heart set on an iPad mini, Kindle, iPhone, noise reducing headphones or another electronic device. If you want to catch him completely off guard, buy a gift that he’s least likely to expect.

4. Interior decorator. With regards to decorating a house or apartment, some men lack style. If your friend recently moved into a new place, yet he’s struggling to decorate his new pad, hire him an interior designer. This person can help narrow down a color scheme, furniture and style, and give his new place a personal, sophisticated touch.

5. Round of golf. Maybe your friend is a golf lover, but doesn’t have the time or money to enjoy his favorite sport. Plan a guy’s afternoon and treat him to a round of golf at his favorite course. The both of you can unwind, catch up on good times and perfect your swings. Or just have a few beers and enjoy the sun. 🙂

If you’re not a big gift giver, you may feel weird about giving a gift to another guy – don’t. It’s one of the best ways to show appreciation and demonstrate how much you value the friendship.