Sunday Reading: Recall This

Yep, we have yet another Hollywood remake. “Total Recall” isn’t a great movie, but Jason Zingale says that fans of the original and the source material should give it a chance. If you can’t bear to watch another remake, check out Jason’s August movie preview for other movie ideas, along with reviews of “The Babymakers,” “The Watch,” “Ruby Sparks,” and “Searching for Sugar Man.”

Joe Gustafson tested the Triumph Thunderbird this week:

The image is timeless, and nearly cliché at this point, but personifies cool. Marlon Brando is looking off into the distance, clad in a classic biker jacket and astride a motorcycle in the movie “The Wild One.” The bike makes the image; large and foreboding, it’s the bike of rebellion and teen spirit. That bike was a Triumph Thunderbird.

We took the latest version out for a test to see what about this bike made Brando so cool. You may think you only have one or two options for a cruiser with attitude, but overlooking a Thunderbird would be a big mistake.

Check out the rest of Joe’s review, and then check out Joe’s piece on how to get into racing your motorcycle at the track.

Nate Kreichman has taken over our “Breaking Bad” blog, as the fifth and last season is off to a great start. We’re loving Walt’s transformation.

You can also check out some of our new weekly content, with Matt Byrd’s App of the Week series, Nate Kreichman’s Hidden Netflix Gems, Bob Westal’s Drink of the Week and Ezra Stead’s Weekly Web Series Review.


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