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Sunday Reading: Batman and back exercises

Unfortunately, the much anticipated climax to the latest Batman trilogy was marred by the senseless killings of 12 innocent people and the wounding of countless others all at the hands of a deranged gunman in Aurora, Colorado. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families.

Mike Furci’s latest fitness column focused on building your back, and we made sure to point out his four workout principles in our weekly fitness blog post. Fight the flab and start reading his columns!

Nate Kreichman started his new “Hidden Netflix Gems” series with a look back at “Trailer Park Boys,” the hilarious mockumentary “following the exploits of Julian (John Paul Tremblay), Ricky (Robb Wells), and Bubbles (Mike Smith), lifelong friends and serial criminals living in a Nova Scotia trailer park.” Check it out and you’ll be hooked.

Ezra Stead was on hand in New York City as legendary band War returned for a performance at the SummerStage. Ezra also checked out “Smart Girls at the Party” in his weekly web series review.

Will Harris checked out the new TBS series “Sullivan & Son” and wasn’t very impressed.

Paul Eide had a review this week of Dreadnought Shaving Products for those of view who view shaving as a hobby.