Sunday Reading: Breaking Bad is back!

The best show on television, and one of the best dramas in TV history, is back tonight on AMC for its fifth and final season. We get eight episodes this summer, and then the final eight episodes in 2013. Yes, they’re dragging it out a bit, but we love the suspense.

We have a ton of stuff to help you get ready for the return of “Breaking Bad,” starting with Will’s column this week. He includes some hints in there on what you can expect from the first episode, so don’t read it or watch the trailer above if you don’t want a preview. Either way, you’ll want to go back and read up on Will’s Breaking Bad Blog, particularly the last entry about the creepy Lily of the Valley revelation. Walt has clearly gone over to the dark side here, but all the critics saying that viewers will now “loathe” his character are taking things a bit too far. Things are always complicated with Walt, and even as he does terrible things many of us root him as he transforms from pushover to badass. We’ve consistently ranked Breaking Bad at the top of our TV power rankings, and you can check out our Breaking Bad Fan Hub for more great stuff including interviews with the cast and our set visits.

In the sports world we enjoyed a great trip to LA this past week to attend the Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year awards where we had the chance to interview some excellent young athletes, including Johnathan Gray, who will be tearing it up for the Texas Longhorns starting this year.

We also had our first article from the Ford Go Further event, as we covered how Adrian Grenier is using his celebrity to follow one of his passions by creating SHFT. We also attended an HP event in New York where Flo Rida previewed his new CD.

We’ve also added some new regular content. Matt Byrd will have weekly app reviews every Sunday morning, and Ezra Stead will be writing a weekly web series review every Thursday morning. Also, check back next week as Nate Kreichman returns for a new Hidden Netflix Gems feature every Saturday. With these weekly feature and other planned content we’ll be giving you some great recommendations to entertain yourself with new media and social media.


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