The Opena iPhone case to the rescue

I’ve seen people open beer bottles using screwdrivers and pliers, cigarette lighters, belt buckles and the corner of a table when a proper bottle opener was nowhere to be found. Turns out there are all sorts of other items you can use too, including car keys, your wedding ring, a toothbrush and even a piece of paper. (We can’t, in good conscience, recommend using a chainsaw.) How about a cellphone case? The Opena iPhone 4/S case ensures you’ve always got a proper bottle opener on you. This slickly designed snap-on case hides an integrated bottle opener in the back — simply slide out the stainless steel extension in your time of need, pop off the cap and get your drink on.

The Opena definitely adds some heft and bulk to your phone, but credit the makers for keeping the added weight to a bare minimum. It won’t take long to get used to, and in the meantime, you’ll be the guy all the ladies flock to when they need someone to open their beverages. Okay, maybe not, but you’ll no doubt attract some attention when you bust the Opena out at a party.

Available in black and white, this PC/ABS hard case is sleek, slim and more more than capable of protecting your phone, and it offers easy access to all buttons and ports. The bottle opener slides in and out easily enough and locks into place, all while your phone remains safely clear from all the action while opening your beverage. It is, however, a little slick in your hand, and you also may want to choose a different case when traveling since a piece of metal hidden behind your phone may attract some attention when going through airport security.

But while the Opena may not be an ideal everyday case, it’s an excellent choice when you’ll be spending the night knocking back some beers with your friends. It’s certainly better than strapping a spatula to the back of your phone.


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