Limited Edition Morgan Coast boat shoe from Rockport Review

Whether you are into sailing or just appreciate cool style in what you wear everyday check out the just released on March 1st Limited Edition Morgan Coast boat shoe from Rockport. These trendsetters or collectibles are limited to only 200 pairs that will be individually numbered. The original Morgan Coast shoe from Rockport was released in 1994 as the official boat shoe of the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race (later known as the Volvo Ocean Race). This new limited edition release hearkens back to Rockport’s rich sailing history, where the company’s shoes have been the casual and technical shoe of choice for many professional sailors and boating enthusiasts. We’re not quite into boating season yet in Northeast Ohio but I wore my test pair of Limited Edition Morgan Coast boat shoe in white from Rockport and I must say they are extremely comfortable and provide plenty of ankle support. The Rockport design team scoured sailing schools in the New England area to find the perfect vintage sail (approximately 170 square feet) and repurposed as fabric and material for 200 limited edition pairs.

The limited edition styles include two colorways of the Morgan Coast shoe in white and navy, and these shoes include many design cues and distinctive features that could be found on traditional sailing boats with Oversized grommets at the sides, with reinforced rubber gaskets, Zig zag stitching on the upper, reminiscent of stitching found on actual sails, Shoe laces that replicate the look of nautical rope and Ingenious hardware at the collar of the shoes which mimic pulley systems used in sailing. Bottom line is not only are these very sharp and unique shoes but the technology that Rockport put into these limited edition kicks is top of the line. Go to to learn more.