Become a citizen of Quahog with new “Family Guyzer” app

Always wanted to have Peter Griffin’s voluptuous form? Stewie’s diminutive outline? Now you can. “Family Guy” fans everywhere can give themselves the full Quahog treatment with the new “Family Guyzer” application, which converts users’ digital photos into their own freakin’ sweet “Family Guy” characters. All you have to do is upload a picture, choose which Griffin family member you want to be most like, answer a couple of questions about your appearance and click the button.

Once you’re been “Family Guyzed,” you can then share your unique character on Facebook and even play as your 3-D avatar in Fox’s free-to-play, browser-based “Family Guy Online” MMO launching this spring. Granted, we didn’t have very much luck getting the application to work at first, but that’s because we tried using a photo from our webcam as opposed to one taken with, you know, an actual camera.

Check out the trailer for the app below and then visit the official site to give it a whirl.


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