Product Review: RAW Men’s Skin Care

What do you get when combine organic and bio-tech ingredients with the skin pH and chemistry of the modern man? RAW Skin Care! This isn’t just a white bottle with the word “lotion” on it that you can mindlessly pick up at Wal-Mart — this is a complete facial cleansing system, specifically designed for men who know the difference.

First, I washed my face with the Blue Agave Wash. The cream itself was thick; I used a minimal amount but that wasn’t enough. Some products will foam up and expand, but the RAW did not — it had more of a balm-type texture and quality. Even when I added some water and worked it into my skin, it didn’t lather up too much; it was like a coating which reminded me of the deep cleanse that you get during a facial. After a few minutes of rubbing it in, I could feel my skin begin to open up. The scent was brisk and mentholated, and my skin felt open. I have never used a product with blue agave previously, but in addition to feeling the refreshing burn that menthol provides, this was more soothing and subtle than simple menthol.

When I rinsed it off, it didn’t come streaming off of my face, which is how I knew it was high quality. I had to use a significant amount of water to get it off, and in this regard it felt like a facial peel. Exfoliate is a popular term that gets thrown around pretty loosely, but it really did exfoliate my skin based on the feeling that began to settle in after I rinsed my face off. Initially, I didn’t feel any major difference. But about two minutes later, my skin felt tight and smooth. Not to sound redundant, but it was the feeling you get after a facial where you feel refreshed and wide open.

I applied the Stone Power next. Stone Power was described as a “skin strengthening toner” that would keep your skin moist and tight. Stone Power uses humectants to help your skin retain moisture and rock extracts and peptides to soothe and tone. As I applied it, I noticed it was similar in consistency to water (i.e. runny) with a little stickiness. I applied a generous amount because I have really sensitive skin that dries out quickly. Initially, it made my skin feel moist and refreshed, but after about ten minutes, it began to feel dry like I needed a moisturizer. So, I applied the third and final product in the sample, EviroProtect, which is a daytime cream designed to moisten the skin and protect it from toxins and pollutants that you can use multiple times throughout the day.

When I squirted it in my hand, I was surprised at the brownish red color which is attributed to the fact it contains Red Algae Extract, and it was also more of a liquid than a cream, which is atypical amongst moisturizers. But it didn’t disappoint and made my skin feel moist again, yet tight and firm in a good way. Also, it wasn’t just moist for a few minutes and then required more — it stayed moist for the rest of the evening.

Overall, I was really impressed with the way RAW has integrated several natural ingredients into each product I tried. You could definitely tell the difference between the RAW products and other chemical-laden products on the market. The Blue Agave was definitely my favorite RAW product and the most effective. Stone Power was my least favorite, but when used in concert with EviroProtect, it maximized the strong points of both.

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