Rose Chiauzzi lands role in suspense thriller “Exposure”

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Showcasing both the glamour and the grit of college spring break capital Fort Lauderdale, the Ventures Capital Partners production of the feature film “Exposure” started filming on location this past month. Bullz-Eye’s own Featured Model Rose Chiauzzi has been cast in one of the lead roles as Kira.

Rose plays a sexy, somewhat inexperienced glamour and swimwear model for the Exposure model agency, a cover for diabolical genetic mutations in this suspense thriller. You can see Rose on location in the slideshow above, along with beautiful Jamie who will also appear in the film and will be featured later this month on Bullz-Eye.

Corey Feldman stars as the chief bad guy in “Exposure,” and the film will showcase some of the thrilling nightlife and venues from all over South Florida, along with the more sinister elements that only good thriller can provide.

Rounding out the cast is Konstantine, playing the henchman Damien, and Savanna Samson, former adult film starlet turned vineyard connoisseur and bottler. Seen here are some behind the scene shots caught at several shoot locations, including the top nightclub/ restaurant Vibe located on tony Las Olas Blvd, along with the rough and tumble Monterey Club on south federal highway.

Look for more coverage in the upcoming weeks as feature film production will be showcasing more Bullz-Eye models and some great sights from sunny south Florida.


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