Guinness introduces its new Black Lager

If you like Guinness, the famous Irish stout beer, and you also enjoy a good lager, then you’ll probably want to try the beer maker’s new Black Lager. We’re always up for a cold beer, and we were definitely intrigued by a new lager made by Guinness, so we gladly accepted the opportunity to try a cold one.

When you pour this into the glass the dark color immediately makes an impression. But if you look closely you can see that this won’t have the same creamy texture of a Guinness stout. One sip and that’s the first thing you’ll notice as well, but then there’s that taste. There’s enough here to remind you of the classic flavors of a Guinness. Yet it’s a lager so it has a lighter, crisper feel as well. The result is something truly unique.

Here’s how Guinness describes it:

Aroma: Gentle floral and fruity notes balance nicely with hints of roast.

Flavor: Light and crisp from the start, quickly revealing a subtle sweet malt and roast character with a pleasant slight hop finish that invites the next sip. Overall, a taste that is uniquely flavorful yet deeply refreshing.

Palate: Lively mouth-feel that is crisp and clean.

I can’t quarrel with any of that. I still prefer the famous stout, but the Black Lager offers a nice alternative.


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