Friday Video – Fishbone, “Sunless Saturday”

We had so much fun rocking out to Living Colour last week that we decided to make it a two-fer. In that one special way, that is.

Fishbone were ska giants for years, but when the ’90s rolled around, the band knew that it had to adapt or die. Of course, their version of adapting is not quite to the letter of the law – we love this song, but those keyboards are a little too Styx-ish for our liking – but it gets the most important stuff down. In fact, this song is about six months ahead of Kurt Cobain’s shot heard ’round the world, bringing the rock at a time when alternative radio was still primarily dominated by British dance acts. Having Spike Lee direct the video didn’t hurt, either. We’re very curious to see the upcoming documentary “Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone,” to be sure.


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