The kings of hot roast beef play it cool this summer, and just in time

Is it silly that we are offered all kinds of nifty perks in the entertainment field, yet the one thing that gets us really excited is when someone asks us to write about food. (There’s a statement in there somewhere about the declining importance of music and film in the lives of the drivers of present day pop culture, but that’s a conversation for another day.) Our latest subject happens to be a restaurant we frequent quite, um, frequently. Get your pirate accents ready, kids, because we’re going to Arrrrrrrrrby’s.

From the looks of things at the store, they do not need much help from us in promoting the Angus Cool Deli sandwich, because two of the three people in line after us ordered the same thing. Clearly, it’s catching on, and we can see why. It’s Angus beef – there’s just something about that word Angus that makes something that much more awesome – and with the Italian dressing and banana peppers, it definitely hits the spot, especially as temperatures soar across the country. For those looking to cut down on the fat count (hey, guys have to watch their carbs, too), if you get the Cool Deli Sandwich and hold the mayo, you’ll save 19 grams of fat. Strangely, you’ll only save 10 grams if you get the wrap. They must use less mayo on those.

Check back with Bullz-Eye for your chance to win a $20 gift card to Arby’s and try the Angus Cool Deli sandwich for yourself. Until then, we leave you with one of our favorite silly sketches from “Saturday Night Live”: the pirate convention. Enjoy.


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