Friday Video – Biffy Clyro, “That Golden Rule”

How this band escaped my notice for as long as they did is a bit surprising. They’re Scottish, and I’m an Anglophile. They’re even from Kilmarnock, hometown of my beloved Trashcan Sinatras. They’re a ferocious power trio that has elements of Muse and System of a Down in their sound. I love Muse, and well, that “Chop Suey” song. Where have these guys been hiding? Not sure, but when I interview their drummer later this afternoon, I plan on asking him that very question.

Muse fans are going to dig this, one of the most epic four-minute songs you’re likely to hear. There’s even a bit before the big prog-off at the back half where the drummer’s doing a military thing while the bassist (who’s the drummer’s twin brother) strikes a single note that will bring “Butterflies and Hurricanes” quickly to mind. The band is doing their first headlining tour of the States, and they’re playing small clubs. See ’em now, so you can say you knew them when.


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