Gillette announces the Young Gun class of 2011

Gillette just introduced its class of 2011 Young Guns – athletes from across the world of sports who consistently perform at the highest level. Their challenge is simple: you ready?

Drop buy the Gillette YouTube channel to keep up with this year’s Young Guns.


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Chrysler reveals the all new 2011 Chrysler 300 [UPDATE: new photos added]

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Chrysler 300 Detroit Auto Show
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Chrysler reveals the all new 2011 Chrysler 300 and Bullz-Eye and Dashboard News were fortunate to see it live to get the first pic to you now! We're at the 2011 North American International Auto Show as you read this, so be sure to check back often.

Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio MarchionneDay 1 at the NAIAS was a big one. We had the 2011 Chrysler 300 announcement and got to take a look at the Call of Duty: Black Ops Jeep Wrangler up close and personal. The Fiat group also showed off its luxury sports offering from Ferrari and Maserati, which we've detailed in another post. Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne addressed the media and took questions from the press corp as you can see pictured at right.

We've posted more pictures to the gallery above, including shots of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Jeep Wrangler and a new compact from Fiat. Keep checking back this week for more pics from the 2011 NAIAS.

We'll be updating with news and pictures of all the high profile reveals.


AXE launches three new shampoos

AXE just keeps coming with new and exciting hair products for men and the three new products we tested are right on target! AXE Hair launched this new line of shampoos that provide sensorial experiences to transform guys’ moods and get them ready for whatever the world has to offer. The AXE heat Igniting Citrus 2 in 1 Sampoo and Conditioner has warming spices and a citrus aroma and looks like hot lava exiting the bottle which is really cool. I really liked the scent as it was clean and refreshing and my hair looked great!

The Axe Downpour Refreshing Mint Shampoo has a peppermint leaf extract that smells so damn good and left me feeling cool and comfortable and ready tackle the world. If you like anything mint this is the shampoo for you and if your significant other likes mint as well then look out. I also really liked the AXE Zen Smoothing Tea Tree Shampoo with real tea tree extract that had me all of sudden feeling calm and centered (hhhmmmm) so I could stay focused on the “finer” things in my life!

Let’s face it, Shampoo was boring for so long and our expections as men were very very low when we used to purchase shampoo! AXE Hair has been a leader in revolutionizing men’s shampoo for the masses at prices we can afford. Stay tuned as we’ll be on the lookout for new and “exciting” shampoos from our friends ar AXE!


Consistently Inconsistent: The highs and lows of Nicolas Cage

Depending on the movie in question, Nicolas Cage is either one of the best actors of his generation or a no-talent nutjob who was lucky enough to have a famous director for an uncle. While most actors experience their share of highs and lows throughout the course of their careers, Cage’s filmography is like a game of Russian roulette – you never know what to expect. Granted, he’s never been known for his subtlety, but even at his most outrageous, there’s always a chance that he can make a movie better.

More often than not, however, it just winds up as part of some hilarious video montage for our enjoyment. Even stranger is the way that it seems to happen in cycles. These last two years have seen the actor at the top of his game with memorable roles in “Kick-Ass” and “Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans,” while 2011 promises to deliver some surefire duds with “Season of the Witch” and “Drive Angry.” It seemed like the perfect opportunity for the Bullz-Eye staff to put together a list of his best and worst performances, but with so many to choose from, it was a lot harder than we thought.


“Adaptation” (2002)

Charlie Kaufman has written some of the most original movies of the last decade, but “Adaptation” is probably his best thanks to an incredible (and surprisingly reserved) performance from Nicolas Cage, who plays a fictionalized version of the screenwriter as he struggles to finish the script for the very film that the audience is watching. It’s all very meta like Kaufman’s other movies, but what separates it from the rest is seeing Cage tackle a character that’s so far off from anything he’s done before. Donning a balding wig and carrying a few extra pounds, Cage is just oozing desperation as the sweaty, neurotic loner. What makes the performance even more impressive is that he does it twice – also playing Charlie’s fabricated twin brother, Donald, who represents the real-life Kaufman’s problems with the Hollywood system. Though they’re physically identical, Donald is the complete opposite of his brother – a happy-go-lucky ladies man who’s able to knock out a million-dollar script on his first try. It’s a remarkable feat for an actor who tends to get a little out of control at times, and whether or not director Spike Jonze had anything to do with keeping him on a short leash, it’s what ultimately makes the role one of his absolute best. – Jason Zingale

“Leaving Las Vegas” (1995)

Preparing to make the film version of the late John O’Brien’s novel of boozy suicide, Nicolas Cage told Roger Ebert that he watched all the great Hollywood portrayals of alcoholics. The actor made sure that Ben Sanderson was different from all of them because he is different. To Ben, death is not an inconvenient outcome of gargantuan liquor consumption, it’s a key ingredient in the cocktail. As he calmly tells Sera, his slightly less damaged prostitute love (Elisabeth Shue), his plan is to drink himself to death in a city where last call never arrives. Neither Ben, nor Mike Figgis’s movie, has any interest in 12 Steps, rehab, or anything else that might extend his life. The film is an unapologetically romantic love story but not a redemption story in the usual sense, nor does Cage sell alcoholism short. From Ben romping through a supermarket liquor section in the brilliant first shot to his hyper-dramatic, gross overtures to random women, assorted humiliations, and the brutal, bluntly sexual and heartbreaking final scene with Shue, Cage shows us both the temporary fun of drunkenness and that his grief-destroyed ex-family man is suffering from a gruesome illness. We are also aware of the enormous sweetness and pain that would attract Sera, despite the obvious drawbacks of loving a suicidal drunk, and that Ben, like Cage, is a born manic entertainer. – Bob Westal

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Ram Truck sponsors Battle of the Bands

Ram Truck has long been a supporter of the country music scene, from large to small musicians. You can see the brand’s community involvement in its partnership with the Zac Brown Band and its very own country channel on Yahoo, Ram Country. With its love for country music, Ram Trucks is holding the first ever Ram Battle of the Bands. Ram is seeking out the next upcoming country band to help jump start their journey to stardom. Country bands are encouraged to submit their band video on the Ram Truck Facebook page for a chance to perform live.

Videos will be watched by country music fans and the top 10 videos with the most votes will move on to our Ram Truck panel of judges. The judges will pick the top two videos; those bands will perform live at the 2011 Rodeo Austin, where more than 25,000 fans will cheer them on. First place winner will take home a $5,000, with second place taking home a cool $2,500.

Voting officially began on Jan. 3, 2011 and just for voting for your favorite band you are entered for a chance to win a country music prize pack, including an iPod and an iTunes gift card to add music to your library, along with some cool Ram Truck gear.