Friday Video – Queen, “One Vision”

It’s three-day weekend happy hour. You don’t really think we’d bring the joint down with a somber-ass song like “Pride (In the Name of Love),” do you? Hells no. This song is about Martin Luther King Jr., too. And as an added bonus, it rocks. The dream lives on, Reverend.


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Equinox launches Equimatic app on Facebook

Equimatic by EquinoxIf you live in one of the country’s metropolitan centers, you probably know Equinox. For the rest of the world, Equinox is a super posh club gym that caters to the wealthy and fabulous. That’s not to say it’s not a good gym, in fact, by most accounts it’s a fantastic place to workout.

Today, Equinox launched a confidence campaign. Basically it’s an effort to inspire you to get your lazy ass to the gym and get into the kind of shape that will give you confidence. To support the campaign, the company created Equimatic, a Facebook app that works a little bit like Instagram, framing uploaded pictures to look like a polaroid, and giving them a bit of a vintage blur filter. The hope is that confident people from around the world will upload pictures on the Equinox Facebook page, showing off their confidence and sending those pictures to friends and family.

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate getting pictures of my super-fit friends with their shirts off, but that’s probably just because I’m out of shape. And maybe that’s the point. To inspire the people around you to work for a body that will give them the same kind of confidence you have.

The best part of the campaign is that anyone who uploads a photo to the Equinox Facebook page will be eligible for exclusive Equinox rewards. If you’re feeling extra fit, and feel like flaunting it to a few of your closest friends, check out Equinox Equimatic on the Equinox Facebook page.


New Denon Headphones

With the holidays behind us, many of you are enjoying the new gadget gifts you received, including iPods and iPads. One way to maximize these and other music players involves upgrading the headphones, and Denon sent us several samples to try out, including the AH-D510R Over-Ear Headphone pictured above and the AH-C560R In-Ear Headphone pictured below. Both sets are part of Denon’s exclusive Mobile Elite series.

I was impressed with both units. Naturally, the expectations on sound quality were higher for the over-ear headphones and the AH-D510R delivered excellent sound quality, particularly when you consider the $99.99 retail price. The AH-D510R features Denon’s Acoustic Optimizer system, which provides equal ambient air pressure on both sides of the diaphragm for naturally balanced sound. In addition, the earpieces feature Denon’s exclusive Hybrid Metal Housing technology, which combines machined aluminum alloy with resonance-free resin. It matched up well with a much higher-priced set of headphones I use regularly. The headphones are large as you might expect and they don’t come with a travel case, so using them for travel might be a little difficult.

The AH-C560R In-Ear Headphone was also impressive, though I’m partial to the better sound quality from over-ear headphones. I’ll take better sound over convenience any day. That said, everyone needs in-ear headphones in our portable world and this Denon set offers a solid option. For the $99.99 retail price retail price you also get a handy, compact carrying case along with a number of alternate foam tips that make it easier to find a good fit for your ears.

Both sets feature an inline three button remote on the cord that can control select iPod and iPhone models, and includes a microphone that lets you record voice memos with select iPod models and answer calls with select iPhone models. With the inline remote, you can control volume level as well as play, pause, forward and back functions. This handy feature adds nice value, particularly if you own Apple products.

You can’t go wrong with the Denon headphones, and if you really want to enjoy your new music gadgets, check out our Bullz-Eye music reviews as well for some great new music suggestions.


Rachael Ray teams up with Gerber for nutrition

During the holidays it’s easy to remember to give back to your community. There are all sorts of programs and charitable drives that receive extra support from good-willed merrymakers. That kind of charity remains important after the holidays, which is why we wanted to bring your attention to a partnership between Gerber Foods and Rachael Ray’s nonprofit organization, Yum-O.

Gerber has committed one dollar for every Facebook ‘Like’ it receives, up to $500,000, to Yum-O. Here’s the press blurb:

As part of our commitment to nourish a healthier generation, Gerber is partnering with Rachael Ray’s Yum-o! nonprofit organization to ask America to join in our mission to give the gift of nutrition to families in need. Gerber will donate $1, up to $500,000, to the Yum-o! nonprofit organization for every “Like” on our Facebook page by January 15, 2011. Through Yum-o!’s partners, these dollars will help families have access to nutritious food.

This is really a sweet deal for everyone involved. You can do a little good in the world, just by clicking a button, and for every person that clicks that ‘Like’ button, a family in need gets that much closer to not only a nutritious meal, but the education required for a nutritious lifestyle.


The Fiat Group showcases its luxury sports line at the 2011 NAIAS

At the 2011 NAIAS this year, the Fiat Group made a point of showcasing the luxury side of its brand offering. We got a look at the latest models from Ferrari and Maserati.

Make sure you check back over the next couple days for the latest from the 2011 NAIAS.