Friday Video – Andrew WK, “I Want to See You Go Wild”

The reaction was decidedly mixed when Andrew “Party Hard” W.K. finally released his “lost” third album Close Calls with Brick Walls earlier this year, but after suffering years of pompous, humorless little shits who are far more interested in entertaining themselves than they are the public, the album was a welcome breath of fresh air. It’s not great, no, but it’s fun, damn it. The world could use more of that right now.

And what else would Andrew do with a song like the breakneck-speed “I Want to See You Go Wild” but give it an equally breakneck animated video, stuffed with enough Masonic and occult symbolism to give armchair conspiracy theorists an aneurysm? This is one of the most batshit crazy videos we’ve seen in a while, like a White Zombie album cover come screaming to life. The sound effects drown out the song at times, but see if this doesn’t get your weekend party started off on the right note. Happy 4th, everyone.


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