The Great Taddy Porter Grill-Off

With the 4th of July – and therefore the peak of the grilling season – just around the corner, we asked the members of Taddy Porter, whose eponymous debut conveniently drops today, if they would be so kind as to share some grilling tips with us. The boys were happy to oblige, picking up one of the largest pieces of steak we’ve ever seen (we couldn’t help but laugh, though, that the background music during that bit happened to be the most un-Taddy Porter-esque Little Boots) and roasting that puppy over coals like real men, with a “MacGruber” reference thrown in for good measure. Even better is the vegetable side dish they chose to serve with it: bacon-wrapped jalapeno peppers, stuffed with cream cheese. Yum.

It’s true: Taddy Porter are from Stillwater, Oklahoma. We’re afraid to ask them how many “Almost Famous” jokes they’ve had to suffer during their recent press blitz.


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