Get your PowerPak for mobile power


Everyone has been there. You’re on a plane and your iPod runs out of juice. You’re on the road and your phone dies. If you don’t have access to an outlet you’re screwed.

One option everyone should consider is having a mobile power source that you keep in your bag or briefcase, and the PowerPak is a nice option. We tested it out and were pretty happy with the results. Charge it when you charge your phone, and you can feel confident when you hit the road that you have a backup power source if you find yourself in a tough spot.

The PowerPak comes with extensions for every conceivable mobile device, so you’ll likely be in a position to bail out your friends as well.


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Have you filed your taxes yet?

income tax day 1040 form IRS

OK – the last minute has arrived! Well, maybe not, as tax day isn’t until tomorrow, so many of you probably you feel you have tons of time as you don’t have to have your income tax returns postmarked until tomorrow night at midnight.

Hopefully you’ve already filed and received a refund. For those of you who waited until the last minute, you can check out our taxes web guide in our Finance Channel for some resources that can help you out. This process can be much easier if you do a little research or get some help.

It’s probably too late to dump a pile of records on the lap of some poor accountant or financial planner unless you’re prepared to pay big bucks, but you can invest in some tax preparation software to make these last hours a little easier. This recent New York Times article compares TurboTax and H&R Block at Home, and either one should be a solid choice. Good luck!


Get your golf groove back

golf driver ball

Spring is definitely in the air, as March Madness has just produced another Duke championship, and the Red Sox and Yankees kicked off the baseball season on Opening Day. It’s even warm now in C-Town after the nasty snowstorm from last week.

Now we have The Masters this week, with Tiger Woods trying to get back his mojo on the most famous golf course in the world. We now know that he previously had an incredible advantage, as he was able to use his babe posse to ensure he never let any sexual frustration or pent up sexual energy impede his game. Can he still perform at peak levels without this constant release? It has to be more difficult now that he isn’t getting any. Not only that, the whole world knows about it and will be reminding him of it for years to come. This week we’ll see just how good he really is.

While watching Tiger and the other golf pros this weekend, you’re bound to get the itch to get back out there yourself. Most of you avid golfers are way ahead of us on this. With that in mind, think about ways you can take your game to the next level this year.

Naturally, much of your focus will be on your swing and whether you can improve your game by upgrading your gear, but spend some time thinking about your own fitness and how that might impact your game. Sure, this isn’t basketball, and you can still do well in this game with your usual beer intake and your growing pot belly, but improving your general fitness, your strength and your flexibility can give you an edge.

Our Fitness Editor, Mike Furci, has two articles in the archives that you should check out as you approach the new golf season. His first article covers the importance of strength training for golfers, particularly exercises that strengthen your lower back. Here’s what Mike said in 2000, well before Tiger sculpted his body and took his game to the next level.

Many golfers I talk with think that injuries like low back pain and shoulder problems are just a part of the game. What if I told you that a strength and conditioning program can cure most of these ailments, and can dramatically improve the risk of experiencing future problems? In addition, a proper program can dramatically improve your game. Many pros, including Nancy Lopez will tell you that their strength and conditioning programs helped their game, and it also saved their careers.

Many top professionals are seeing the benefits of getting into, and staying in top physical condition. Professional golfers are finally looking at themselves for what they are…athletes. That’s right, golfers are athletes. To be successful in what many consider to be a game of frustration and skill, one need’s strength, endurance, balance, coordination, finesse, and timing. These aspects of the game cannot be found in a pro shop. Most people focus on the latest ball or most expensive club to be competitive. They do not look toward their bodies for the answer. These same people with the finest equipment money can buy, can’t walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for air.

Mike followed up that article with another that took a closer look at ways you can prevent golf injuries.

So, if you’re happy with your scores, keep guzzling that beer and inhaling those hot dogs. But, if you want to improve your game, and also look a little better in your new golf clothes, forget about the expensive golf clubs and get your ass in shape!