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Smack talk for the college bowl games

Who’s going to win the National Championship? Alabama or Texas?

Check out the smack talk threads over at The Scores Report and let us know who you think will win the BCS bowl games, and feel free to offer up some smack talk as well. Also, don’t let your gripes with the BCS ruin yur fun on New Year’s Day. There are some pretty good matchups this year, like Ohio State vs. Oregon. So far it looks like more people think the Ducks are going to win.

As for a playoff, here’s John Paulsen’s take on what an eight-team playoff would have looked like this year.

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One response to “Smack talk for the college bowl games”

  • Gerardo says:

    Nobody seems to be giving the Buckeyes a chance, but I think they can beat Oregon. The defensive line for Ohio State should be able to control the game. It’s also interesting to see how the Pac-10 is off to a slow start in the bowl games. Let’s see if the Big Ten can do any better.

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